Whether you’re throwing an Olympic themed party or watching with friends and family, consider making one of these Olympic themed treats to get yourself in the spirit!

#1: Olympic Ring Themed Snacks
These are an easy and fun way to add a bit of spirit into your snacks. This is great for University students because you can essentially throw in whatever fruits, veggies and snacks you need to use up!

Olympic 1 Olympic 2











#2: Canadian Red Velvet Cookies
These cookies can also double as a Valentine’s Day treat! You can find the recipe here.

Olympic 3








#3: Olympic Torch Cupcakes
These take a bit more effort, but look really impressive. There is a great vanilla cupcake recipe here. If you need help piping the icing, check out this Youtube video here.

Olympic 4








#4: Russian Pancakes
Although these pancakes look deceptively similar to their Canadian counterparts, the Russian pancakes are a bit thicker and richer. Check out this great recipe for them here.

Olympic 5








We can’t wait to nom on these Olympic treats while we cheer on Team Canada!

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