Referenda, a process whereby the electorate votes to approve or reject student fees and participate in surveys, shall normally be held in both the fall and winter terms along the same timeline as elections.  Questions on a referendum ballot may ask the following types of questions:

  1. To establish, alter or continue student activity fees
  2. Binding non-fee related questions
  3. Non-binding questions, AKA plebiscite questions, which shall be used to survey AMS members’ opinions or gauge support in relation to a specific issue, policy proposal or advocacy position.

There are two ways to establish or alter a student fee, which is decided upon at the discretion of each group.  One method is to go through the approval of AMS Assembly, which requires confirmation at the AMS AGM (March 7th, 2016) by members in attendance.  The alternative method is to go through one of two online referenda in either the fall or the winter terms where all members have the ability to vote.  Referenda periods are comprised of four parts – Nominations, Validation by AMS Assembly, Campaigning and Voting.