Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology – Queen’s Chapter

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The Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology, is an international organization that strives to advance scientific [...]


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Queens’ only Skateboarding Club, dedicated to pushing skateboarding within the Queen’s community.

Queen’s Television


A student-run news network at Queen's University that aims to serve as an inclusive platform through weekly [...]

Queen’s Nuclear Energy and Environmental Design (QNEED)

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The Queen’s Nuclear Energy and Environmental Design Team (QNEED) is a multidisciplinary group of Queen's University students [...]

Queen’s Designers

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Queen’s Designers is Queen's University's first multi-faculty design collective that aims to provide students the opportunity to [...]

Queen’s Automotive Society

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The Queen’s Automotive Society aims to host local car meets, shows and events to bring car enthusiasts [...]

Youreka Kingston

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The primary aim of Youreka Kingston is to elevate the level of scientific engagement in the Canadian [...]

Queen’s Yu Theatre Society

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A Modern and Contemporary Chinese Theatre Society (QYT) We focus on contemporary Chinese theatre. We strive to [...]

Queen’s Collage Collectives

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We are Queen’s Collage Collectives! Our club aims to better the mental health of students on the [...]


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Shinerama was established to raise funds and generate awareness for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Cystic Fibrosis is the [...]

Queen’s for Critical Empowerment

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Our mission is to break through the perception of women being one homogenous group with the understanding [...]

Queen’s Web Development Club

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QWeb is a club that promotes the learning and practicing of web development through real projects. The [...]

Queen’s Fashion Industry Network

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The Queen's Fashion Industry Network (QFIN) is a community aimed at helping students learn skills and develop [...]

Creative Writing Club


Our club is a place for creative writers to come together and share their writings. We hold [...]

Ultraviolet Magazine

Ultraviolet Magazine publishes one issue per school year online and in hard copy. Ultraviolet Magazine fundraises, hosts [...]

International Affairs Association

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The Queen's International Affairs Association is a not-for-profit, student-leg organization at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The [...]

MUSE Magazine

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To showcase the expressive and creative talent of the Queen’s University student body through the creation of a [...]

LifeBeat Newspaper

LifeBeat Newspaper aims to inform the students and faculty of Queen’s University about current health issues by [...]

Inquire Publication

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Inquire Publication is a social activist interuniversity publication featuring a wide range of topical local, national, and global [...]