Queen’s HanVoice

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The HanVoice campus chapter at Queen’s University aims to mobilize empowered and informed Canadians to affect change [...]

Queen’s Correctional Service Volunteers (QCSV)

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QCSV is a student run club at Queen’s University that works with federal offenders on rehabilitation and [...]

Queen’s Association of Philosophical Thought (QAPT)

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QAPT educates Queen's students on philosophical theories that are applicable to everyday scenarios and environments. We follow [...]

Queen’s One to More

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One to More represents a group of young minds who share social activism ideals and seek to [...]

Open Liberal Society

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OLS is a student-run organization at Queen’s University. It is devoted to promoting the values of democratic [...]

Queen’s for Critical Empowerment

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Our mission is to break through the perception of women being one homogenous group with the understanding [...]

Queen’s ALPHA Education

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Queen’s ALPHA Education is a student-led chapter of the larger not-for-profit organization. ALPHA Education is an educational [...]

Women in International Security Queen’s

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  Women in International Security (WIIS) Queen’s is a gender inclusive student club that is affiliated with [...]

Queen’s Female Leadership in Politics Conference

The Queen’s Female Leadership in Politics Conference is the first undergraduate conference of its kind in Canada. [...]

Liberal Association

QULA is an active political club that focuses on increasing Liberalism across campus and throughout the greater [...]

Conservative Association

QUCA sponsors speakers, assists the local conservative riding associations, and plays a key role in policy development [...]

International Affairs Association

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The Queen's International Affairs Association is a not-for-profit, student-leg organization at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The [...]