Longboard Club

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We're a non-profit longboard building and riding club at Queen's. We organize events such as weekly rides, [...]

WWF – Queen’s Chapter


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been working to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment [...]

Experimental Sustainability Team


QUEST, the Queen's University Experimental Sustainability Team, was founded in 2012. The team's goal is to achieve [...]

Soul Food


Queen’s Soul Food is a student-run organization that focuses on alleviating poverty and food insecurity through means [...]

Queen’s Project on International Development


On campus, QPID hosts a weekly forum (discussion, presentations and workshops), which focus on a variety of [...]

Oxfam at Queen’s


Oxfam at Queen’s University is an expanding social justice club and the largest university campus branch of Oxfam [...]

Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change


Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) is an activism-based campus club that mobilizes and organises environmentally-minded [...]

Engineers Without Borders


Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a national organization dedicated to addressing global economic and social inequalities. As [...]

Conservation Queen’s


Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness for endangered species and conservation efforts in both the [...]