Personal Growth Initiative, Queen’s

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QPGI is a unique club that aims to motivate the Queen’s student body to achieve personal growth. [...]

Generation Screwed

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Our club is unique in the sense that it advocates for sensible fiscal responsibility, yet remains non-partisan. [...]

Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare

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What makes your club unique?:  The mission of CUCOH is the develop a conference that informs undergraduate [...]

Queen’s Agora Public Speakers

We are a group of ~30 students who deliver prepared and impromptu speeches to the group, and [...]

International Affairs Association

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The Queen's International Affairs Association is a not-for-profit, student-leg organization at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The [...]

Conference on Business and Technology

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The Queen’s Conference on Business and Technology (QCBT) is a new student-run conference at Queen’s University in [...]

Queen’s Debating Union

The QDU offers and engaging and exciting forum for students to participate in both recreational and competitive [...]


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Love146 is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that works towards the Abolition of Child Trafficking, providing [...]

MUSE Magazine

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To showcase the expressive and creative talent of the Queen’s University student body through the creation of a [...]