Queen’s Game Design Club

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Queen's Game Development Club is the place to get involved in all facets of game production, a quickly [...]

Tricolour Traveler

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The Tricolour Traveler is an online story book with local students as their authors and the world [...]

Random Acts of Kindness, Queen’s

Out club's mission is to make students' lives a little happier. We want to let you know [...]

Project Linus, Queen’s

This club is unique because it welcomes students from all years, faculties, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and gender. [...]

Federation of Charitable University Students, Queen’s

Queen's Federation of Charitable University Students (FOCUS) is a student-run society committed to mobilizing resources within the [...]

Board Games Club

The club sets up weekly meetings where our members can play board games for a few hours. [...]

Humans of Queen’s University

Behind every face is a story. Stories can change everything. Modeled after Humans of New York, a photography [...]

Queen’s South East Asian Nations (QSEAN)

Queen's South East Asian Nations (QSEAN) aims to represent the unique and diverse cultures of an exotic [...]

Canadian Universities Investors Group

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The Canadian Universities Investors Group will generate a medium where students passionate about finance can get involved, [...]

HOSA Queen’s


HOSA Queen’s offers its student members online resources on the topics of their choice in 1 of [...]

Queen’s Autoheads

Queen’s Autoheads aims to facilitate discourse about everything car related (news, personal rides, favorites, tuning, racing, etc.) [...]

Queen’s Swing Dance Club


We provide a low cost and fun means of recreation to Queen's students and members of the [...]

Role Playing Game Society

Q-RPGS, the Queen's Role Playing Game Society, exists to encourage and propagate creative and enjoyable tabletop roleplay [...]

Vision Worldwide

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Vision Worldwide is an AMS club that aims to promote public awareness of blindness treatment & prevention [...]

International Justice Mission: Queen’s Chapter


Queen’s International Justice Mission raises awareness, fundraises, holds weekly meetings and hosts special events. We fundraise money [...]

Great Panda Society

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Our club covers a multitude of fun activities that could be comfortably enjoyed by members of different [...]

Hellenic Students Association


The Queen's Hellenic Student's Association sets itself apart as a cultural club in that it will strive [...]

Quiz Team

Quiz bowl, or "trivia" as the general population knows it by, is a post-secondary continuation of the [...]

World Vision: Queen’s Chapter

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World Vision at Queen’s does not have to be limited to the Queen’s community, we are open [...]

Women in Science and Engineering

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Queen’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) seeks to promote women’s participation in the sciences and engineering. [...]

Pakistani Student’s Association


The Queen's Pakistani Student’s Association (QPSA) is an organization that coordinates educational and social activities while promoting [...]

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is the original and most popular trading card game. It is played around the [...]

LAN Club

QLAN facilitates in person and online gaming events for the Queen’s and Kingston community, as well as [...]

Juggling Club

We are the Queens Juggler’s club, laughing in the face of gravity since 1992. The primary goal [...]

Ismaili Muslim Students Association

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Located at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and the Queen's Ismaili Muslim Students' Association (QIMSA) is a [...]

Castle Connections

Castle Connections is a student run organization that strives to bridge the gap between students in varying [...]


Thrifted QU aims to promote eco art and fashion. Club events are a great opportunity for students [...]


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Love146 is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that works towards the Abolition of Child Trafficking, providing [...]

Anime Club

The Queen's Anime club runs a number of events revolving around (but not limited) to the viewing [...]

MUSE Magazine

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To showcase the expressive and creative talent of the Queen’s University student body through the creation of a [...]

Japanese Relations at Queen’s


The executive team of JRQ is made up with a group of students from different cultural backgrounds [...]

Inquire Publication

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Inquire Publication is a social activist interuniversity publication featuring a wide range of topical local, national, and global [...]

Friday Friends

Friday Friends is an informal group mentorship program that seeks to facilitate the social and personal development [...]

French Club

The French Club helps promote the French culture at Queen's University within the Kingston community.  We welcome [...]

Vinyl Appreciation Collective

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The mandate of the Vinyl Appreciation Collective is to preserve, restore and enjoy the sound of vinyl [...]

Poker Club

QPC is a unique club that raises funds for various charities and clubs at Queen’s University by [...]

Improv Club

The Queen's Improv Club offers an open, inviting forum for anyone of any experience level to practice [...]

Comic Book Legion

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The Queen’s Comic Book Legion is a social club dedicated to the enjoyment and creation of the graphic [...]

Queen’s Film Club

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Our club’s goal is to offer the Queen's community an affordable way to see films they might [...]