Scholars of Colour at Watson Hall

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This club provides a space in which the experiences of students of colour in the humanities are [...]

Queen’s Nuclear Energy and Environmental Design (QNEED)

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The Queen’s Nuclear Energy and Environmental Design Team (QNEED) is a multidisciplinary group of Queen's University students [...]

Queen’s Applied Biotechnology Club

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We are a group of undergraduate students who are passionate about the advancement of biotechnology in several [...]

Students Supporting UHN

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SSUHN at Queen’s University helps raise funds for research, care, and education towards University Health Network (UHN). [...]

Pages for Progress

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Pages for Progress Queen’s University is dedicated to raising awareness about equity issues in our education system [...]

Queen’s Squirrel Watching Club

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QSWC, The Queen’s Squirrel Watching Club was founded in 2018 to bring together the members of the [...]

Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE)

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AKCSE Queen’s strives to support both academic and professional development in students especially in Sciences (sciences, computer [...]

Communication Disorders Network

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A group for learning about new work in the world of speech language pathology, with speakers monthly [...]

Queen’s Designers

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Queen’s Designers is Queen's University's first multi-faculty design collective that aims to provide students the opportunity to [...]

Queen’s Students Advancing Brain Cancer Research (QSABCR)

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QSABCR works directly with researchers, professors, and undergraduate students at Queen’s University to increase awareness and research [...]

Queen’s American Sign Language (ASL)

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This club aims to have its members learn American Sign Language (ASL) in a supportive and positive [...]

Open Liberal Society

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OLS is a student-run organization at Queen’s University. It is devoted to promoting the values of democratic [...]

Queen’s University Chapter of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)

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CSSDP Queen’s is the Queen’s University Chapter of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. CSSDP works on [...]

Youreka Kingston

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The primary aim of Youreka Kingston is to elevate the level of scientific engagement in the Canadian [...]

Queen’s Yu Theatre Society

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A Modern and Contemporary Chinese Theatre Society (QYT) We focus on contemporary Chinese theatre. We strive to [...]


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PennyDrops is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. Our mission [...]

Daughter’s for Life

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Daughters for Life Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that offers full scholarships, awards, and fellowships to [...]

YIKES a Theatre Company at Queen’s

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YIKES a Theatre Company is looking to put up new and innovative shows that explore the worlds [...]

Queen’s Supermileage

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Queen's Supermileage (QSM) is a student-run design team that aims to shape the future of fuel consumption. [...]

Queen’s Somali Women’s Relief Society

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The Queen's Somali Women's Relief Society (QSWRS) is a university non-profit organization established to raise awareness in [...]

Queen’s Sports Analytics Organization

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Through workshops, mentorship, and industry events, we aim to educate, inform, and connect students to the growing [...]

Queen’s Web Development Club

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QWeb is a club that promotes the learning and practicing of web development through real projects. The [...]

Queen’s Fashion Industry Network

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The Queen's Fashion Industry Network (QFIN) is a community aimed at helping students learn skills and develop [...]

Queen’s Initiative for Financial Literacy


Interested in money, but not sure how to increase your financial portfolio? Check out QIFL! We are [...]

Queen’s Undergraduate Science Case Competition (USCC)

What makes your club unique?USCC provides students with an opportunity to develop their own research ideas and [...]

Canadian Universities Investors Group

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The Canadian Universities Investors Group will generate a medium where students passionate about finance can get involved, [...]

HOSA Queen’s


HOSA Queen’s offers its student members online resources on the topics of their choice in 1 of [...]

Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare

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What makes your club unique?:  The mission of CUCOH is the develop a conference that informs undergraduate [...]

Great Panda Society

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Our club covers a multitude of fun activities that could be comfortably enjoyed by members of different [...]

Women in Science and Engineering

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Queen’s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) seeks to promote women’s participation in the sciences and engineering. [...]

Students Offering Support

Queen’s SOS is a non-profit, student-run charitable venture that strives to raise marks, raise money, and raise [...]

Social Investment Initiative


QS2I strives to use transferable financial resources to assist communities, businesses, and individuals around the world. Using [...]

Pre-Law Society

We are a student run, AMS affiliated on campus club for undergraduates interested in pursuing legal education. Regardless [...]

International Affairs Association

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The Queen's International Affairs Association is a not-for-profit, student-leg organization at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The [...]

Conference on Education

Queen’s Conference on Education (QCE) aims to provide and promote an engaging and accessible weekend of professional [...]

Inquire Publication

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Inquire Publication is a social activist interuniversity publication featuring a wide range of topical local, national, and global [...]