We are Queen’s Collage Collectives! Our club aims to better the mental health of students on the Queens University campus while tackling anti-oppressive conversation and having wonderful time doing it!

We will meet once a month where members will get together, have some snacks and create collages!

Still confused? It works like this: The Club President will curate “collage kits” by collecting aesthetic images into printable pages online. From these collage kits the members of the club will use them to create their collages. Each collage kit will be made specifically to match the creative prompt/theme chosen for the meeting. In addition to creating collages, the themes/creative prompts will all have the subject of anti-oppressive pedagogy/ideas. For example, we will have themes surrounding anti-racism, LGBT+ pride, resistance, self-care/mental health, etc. We will then encourage members to have open discussions before and after the collages are created about the creative prompts, hoping to share our opinions and ideas while at the same time educating members on issues they might not be familiar with.