The Queen’s Film Production Club is devoted to providing a stimulating environment for those interested in the filmmaking process to partake in the experience. It’s committed to facilitating the production of art by uniting a variety of skilled students and promoting their film projects. The Queen’s Film Production Club is particularly interested in exercising practical filmmaking skills to complement the theory taught in class, and encouraging students to develop a network of useful connections for the future.

The Queen’s Film Production Club is a group for students interested in contributing to any creative area of the filmmaking process. Actors, writers, musicians, cinematographers, artists, stunt people, and editors are all invited to practice their talents and become part of unique film productions. Gain experience in your craft by putting it to use while developing practical skills. No experience necessary. We meet weekly to run hands on workshops, information sessions, and film shoots to allow our members to learn production roles in a safe and welcoming environment. Join other determined filmmakers in the creation of ambitious projects and learn from them, or widen your network of connections and resources for future endeavors. The Queen’s Film Production Club is devoted to harnessing the creativity of members of the Queen’s community and becoming a dependable source of entertainment through student potential.