With an absence of a Type 1 Diabetic support network for university students at Queen’s, we are a community through which people can connect. Through various events such as dinners and retreats, our goal is to provide a safe and social environment for students to link up with other diabetics.

Entering the unknown world of Diabetes is terrifying, but having a network of experienced friends to offer guidance can be incredibly helpful. Processing new information while implementing lifestyle changes is often eased with a helping hand.

Making the transition from high school to university is hard enough, let alone having to manage Diabetes while doing so. However, there is no reason you cannot live the life you have always envisioned despite having this condition. Whether you just want a friend to talk to because you share this unique commonality or you are struggling with your management, an understanding group can helpful when going through a difficult period.

Our club has unique approach by using our own experiences along with the professional support of Hotel Dieu Hospital.  We aim to have regular club meetings and events, but will also offer informal meetings for club members.  With the help of the Diabetes Education Centre in Hotel Dieu, we will look to create a strong, healthy and safe support network for all those affected by diabetes.