Life as a student can be really stressful, regardless of the academic program or the extracurricular activities that one decides to partake in. That’s why the goal of CREW LOVE is to use exercise combined with community support to help combat those stresses and help improve the mental health of students in the Queen’s and Kingston communities.

It is universally known that exercise is one of the most beneficial activities that we can do for our physical health. However, the greater community is unaware of the positive effects on our mental health. There has been a mass amount of research published demonstrating the efficacy of exercise in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress levels. However, a group with the common goal of using exercise to combat mental health among students in the Queen’s and Kingston community is lacking.

Crew Love will facilitate a sense of community and connection with others through weekly meetings where we will get the ‘crew’ involved in various forms of physical activity (yoga, running, basketball, soccer, spin classes…etc.). Our goal is to create an inclusive, active environment where everyone feels welcome and loved. EVERYONE belongs in CREW LOVE.