CASS stands as the largest and most visible Asian student networks in Ontario. CASS is spread out across universities in Ontario with clubs already established at University of Toronto St. George campus, Scarborough campus, Mississauga campus, McMaster University and Wilfrid Laurier University. Our activities range from social, cultural, and philanthropic in nature. By connecting and linking our initiatives with other universities across Ontario, it will enhance the student experience through more resources and capabilities in a larger channel. Specifically at CASS Queen’s, we hope to provide enjoyable, cultural events for the Queen’s student population, while helping local Asian businesses in Kingston as well. We feel that the vastly growing Asian population in Kingston should not be segregated as it appears to be now. All Asian cultures share similar characteristics, and this should be embraced and united. Through social activities and philanthropic measures, we hope to create a sense of unity and belonging, to all Asian students and citizens.