We are a group of 2 Co-chairs, 12 Coordinators and approx. 26 General Executive members, which work along with the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) to promote blood donation on campus by setting up blood clinics in the ARC and the BioSciences Complex. We also run the LifeBus, a bus that takes groups of students to the permanent clinic on Gardiners Road to donate. Our club runs events encouraging students to sign up for the OneMatch National Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Registry and competes with other universities in the Get Swabbed Challenge hosted by CBS to get the most registrants possible. In addition, we also raise awareness for the cause of blood donation and money for Canadian Blood Services. We fundraise via movie nights, bake sales, etc.

The Queen’s University Blood Team seeks to educate students about the importance of blood donation and other initiatives of the Canadian Blood Services. We know that some people are uneasy about the prospect of donating so we will work to reduce the negative stigma surrounding it and make people more comfortable about giving blood. Our club seeks to provide accessible, easy, relaxing and safe spaces for donating blood on campus. We strongly believe that this is a good cause to volunteer for in order to help save lives make a difference in our community!