The Queen’s Black Academic Society began in 2011 as a passion project between graduate and undergraduate students eager to foster community amongst self-identified people of color. These students were eager to engage in a dialogue surrounding the issues that faced the black diaspora, and to discover their role in addressing these issues. To this end we have hosted a variety of events discussing the role of art in the Black Community, the influence of China on Africa, Violence amongst black youth and indigeneity and the Black community.

In the early years QBAS was known as the Queen’s Community of Black Intellectuals (QCBI). Two years ago we changed our mandate, to allow us greater freedom in the sorts of conversations we wished to engage. As a result, we also changed the clubs name to reflect the change of direction in our approach.  

The overarching mandate of The Queen’s Black Academic Society is to foster a dialogue surrounding inclusiveness, equity and issues pertinent to black community. We’ve often aspired to do this through 3 channels; thoughtful peer learning, group and panel discussions as well as the arts.