The club is dedicated to combating systems of rape culture, language that reinforces and normalizes sexual violence, and sexual “norms” on our campus. The club works to fight these through education, activism, outreach programs and peer-to-peer support resources. By creating a Sexual Violence on Campus Awareness Week, focus can be placed on creating a community where an all-encompassing “us” exists. As well, our anti-victim blaming protest titled The Shameless Promenade aims to combat victim blaming language and actions and to empower survivors of sexual crimes. As well, we have a volunteer program that works with the Sexual Assault Centre to help young children in the community. This initiative is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual identities, and does not demonize any one social “group.”

ASAP is a club that works to educate, advocate and raise awareness for sexual violence both in our community and on Queen’s campus. We host Sexual Assault Awareness Week which is dedicated to education, awareness, and support networking around the subject of sexual violence. The “Week” consists of various forms of programming (on and off campus) that include but are not limited to: clarifying definitions and discourse within sexual violence (such as consent and non-consent), identifying how sexual violence affects everybody in an environment such as a university campus, challenging the shame and silencing often associated with sexual violence against men, and understanding “manhood” or masculinity. Events and other programming will also be scheduled throughout the year in addition to the “Week” like our annual anti-victim blaming protest- The Shameless Promenade, table discussions, movie nights, collaborative events with other groups and hosting workshops. We also have a volunteer program through the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston which works to mentor young girls and boys in the community through identity workshops, body image, fun movie nights etc. This initiative is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations, and does not demonize any one social “group.”