Queen’s Amnesty International is a human rights interest group at Queen’s University. We advocate for the freedom of prisoners of conscience and speak out against human rights abuses. We aim to provide and encourage safe, supportive, and intellectually stimulating discussion and debate of contemporary world issues specifically within the realm of human rights. What differentiates us from many other clubs is that we are much more driven by volunteer involvement and the education of human rights rather than monetary donations.

At our weekly club meetings we discuss the previous week’s news, touch on a country or issue of focus, and write letters to government officials advocating for the fair and equitable treatment of all who may be suffering from human rights abuses.  In addition to our regular meetings we also hold awareness campaigns and events to generate awareness for Amnesty Canada including hot chocolate give-a-ways in the winter, a silent auction, speaker series, and letter writing campaigns. As a club we also pursue other events and causes as interest prevails and satisfy our sweet tooth with regular club meeting treats. We are always interested in partnering with other social issue clubs on campus!