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Queen's Bands performances suspended

November 17, 2011

The Queen’s Bands will not be appearing at any of their scheduled events for the rest of the fall term as part of conditions imposed jointly by the university and the AMS.

Information materials and member guides circulated within the Bands and containing offensive language that is particularly demeaning to women recently came to the attention of the administration and the AMS. The Bands is an AMS-ratified club that is partially funded through student fees.

“The materials, and the behaviours they promote, are unacceptable. They point to a sub-culture within the Bands where explicit, disrespectful and degrading language marginalizes community members who may remain silent for fear of exclusion,” says Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Ann Tierney. “We are committed to supporting the Bands as they take action to ensure all of their activities reflect the values andprinciples of Queen’s as a welcoming, safe, positive and inclusive environment.”

In addition to withdrawing from their scheduled performances, Bands members will attend human rights training. They will also develop a plan outlining the steps the executive will take to review, revise and rectify Bands policies and practices. The goal is to help the Bands in ensuring they make a sustainable commitment to meet the expectations of the university, AMS and broader community.

The Bands executive has fully acknowledged responsibility for the need for change. They, together with the university and the AMS, are working on their plans to move forward.

“We recognize the Bands has a special place in the Queen’s community, but this only serves to reinforce the need for the Bands to reflect the university’s mission and standards at all times,” says AMS President Morgan Campbell. “When groups are representing Queen’s, the community expects behavior that reflects the principles of equality we strive to uphold. We look forward to seeing the Bands resume their performances and continue to be a proud part of the Queen’s tradition into the future.”

The university and the AMS will review the Bands’ progress in the new year.

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