Non-Academic Misconduct

Unlike other universities — where university administrators make decisions on non-academic disciplinary matters, Queen’s students themselves are entrusted with the responsibility to make these decisions on behalf of the University. Since 1898, this responsibility has fallen under the jurisdiction of the AMS, and the AMS continues to be the primary body responsible for administering Non-Academic Misconduct (NAM) cases involving undergraduate students that are not acting in their capacity as varsity athletes or tenants of residence.

The NAM System is:

  • Complaint-driven – a case is opened and investigated only after a complaint has been filed.
  • Restorative – while the system is concerned with deterrence as well, the process primarily aims to repair any damage done to Queen’s, including but not limited to, its members, property, reputation, and relationship with the Kingston community.
  • Non-Adversarial – NAD does not pit the complainant against the respondent (the subject of the complaint), but instead works to achieve the most holistic understanding and comprehensive resolution of the issue.
  • Peer-Administered – students (as opposed to university administrators) are responsible for making decisions on non-academic disciplinary matters.
  • Compliant with Natural Justice – all students who go through the system are afforded the right to a fair and unbiased process.

How does this apply to me?

As of 2015, SOLUS requires students to agree to the Queen’s University Student Code of Conduct in order to begin the process of course selection. Therefore, by accepting undergraduate admission to Queen’s, students agree to abide by the Queen’s Code of Conduct. This also means that students are eligible to file a complaint to the NAM system.

General types of offences that would fall under the jurisdiction of the AMS Non-Academic Misconduct system include, but are not limited to:

  • public disturbances
  • illegal possession and/or consumption of alcohol
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • trespassing
  • assault
  • perjury
  • fraud

To submit a complaint, please send an email to the Judicial Affairs Manager at

*Note: the NAM system does not handle cases of blatant discrimination (sexual, racial or otherwise), harassment, sexual assault, serious assault of a non-sexual nature, and murder.

AMS Non-Academic Misconduct Under Queen’s

The AMS Non-Academic Misconduct system is one of the many disciplinary systems under Queen’s University. While Queen’s students may become involved with other systems at one point or another, AMS NAD is, generally-speaking, the most broadly applicable system for undergraduate students.

To submit a complaint and for general inquiries:
Alma Mater Society Secretariat
(613) 533-6000 x 77671

For general inquiries:
Judicial Affairs Manager
(613) 533-6000 x 77944