Your Executive

Chelsea Hollidge
Chelsea HollidgeVice-President (Operations)
Film and Political Studies (BAH) ’17
Jennifer Li
Jennifer LiPresident
History (BAH) ’17
Palmer Lockridge
Palmer LockridgeVice President (University Affairs)
Life Sciences (BScH) ’17


Victoria Lewarne
Victoria LewarneCommissioner of Academic Affairs
Political Studies (BAH) ’17
Devon Laflamme
Devon LaflammeCommissioner of Campus Activities
Nursing (BScN) ’17
Stefano Hollands
Stefano HollandsCommissioner of Municipal Affairs
Political Studies and Global Development Studies (BAH) ’17
Ramna Safeer
Ramna SafeerCommissioner of Social Issues
English (BAH) ’18


Clifford Lerebours
Clifford LereboursDirector of Advancement
Engineering Mathematics (Sci) ’18
Craig Draeger
Craig DraegerDirector of Communications
Political Studies (BAH) ’18
Marnie Myszko
Marnie MyszkoDirector of Clubs
Stephanie Nijhuis
Stephanie NijhuisDirector of Hospitality & Safety Services
Religious Studies (BAH) ’17
Marlee Satok
Marlee SatokDirector of Human Resources
Religious Studies (BAH) ’17
Matthew Bowen
Matthew BowenDirector of Information Technology
Physics/Computing (B.Comp) ’17
Katherine Kennedy
Katherine KennedyManaging Director of the Student Life Centre
Psychology (BAH) ’19