Your Executive

Dave Walker
Dave Walker Vice President (Operations)
Economics (BAH) ’17
Tyler Lively
Tyler Lively President
Applied Economics (BAH) ’16
Carolyn Thompson
Carolyn ThompsonVice President (University Affairs)
Political Studies (BAH) ’17


Leah Brockie
Leah Brockie Commissioner of Academic Affairs
Political Studies (BAH) ’17
Greg Kurcin
Greg KurcinCommissioner of Campus Activities
Sociology (BAH) ’16
Liam Dowling
Liam Dowling Commissioner of Environmental Affairs
Biology and Math (Con-Ed) ’18
Francis Campbell
Francis Campbell Commissioner of Municipal Affairs
Applied Economics (BAH) ’17
Lea Keren
Lea KerenCommissioner of Social Issues
Commerce (B.Com) ’17


Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson Managing Director of the Student Life Centre
Mathematics and Engineering (Sci) ’17
Brandon Kim
Brandon KimHospitality & Safety Services Director
Sociology (BAH) ’16
Max Garcia
Max Garcia Media Services Director
Cognitive Science (B.Comp)’ 17
Leo Burns Scully
Leo Burns Scully Director of Retail Services
Kinesiology (BScH) ’16
Caitlin McKeen
Caitlin McKeenDirector of Advancement
Biology (BSc) ’16
Emma Jones
Emma Jones Director of Human Resources
Political Studies (BAH) ’16
Michael Judd
Michael JuddDirector of Information Technology
Biomedical Computing (B.Comp) ’17
Bianca Balazic
Bianca Balazic Director of Communications
Political Studies (BAH) ’17