Your Executive

Liam Tharp
Liam TharpVice-President (Operations)
Engineering Physics (Sci) ’19
Miguel Martinez
Miguel MartinezPresident
Political Studies & Sociology (BAH) ’19
Munro Watters
Munro WattersVice President (University Affairs)
Political Studies (BAH) ’19

Senior Management Team

Julia Göllner
Julia GöllnerCommissioner of Academic Affairs
Political Studies (BAH) ’19
Alexander Birt
Alexander BirtCommissioner of Campus Activities
Political Studies (BAH) ’18
Søren Christianson
Søren ChristiansonCommissioner of Municipal Affairs
Political Studies (BAH) ’18
Myriam-Morênikê Djossou
Myriam-Morênikê DjossouCommissioner of Social Issues
Political Studies & Psychology (BAH) ’18
David A. Bath
David A. BathDirector of Advancement
Political Studies & Psychology (BAH) ’19
Rachael Heleniak
Rachael HeleniakDirector of Communications
Political Studies (BAH) ’18
Regina Codera
Regina CoderaDirector of Clubs
Political Studies (BAH) ’19
Joe Palubiski
Joe Palubiski Director of Human Resources
Economics (BAH) ’18
Jessica Dahanayake
Jessica DahanayakeDirector of Information Technology
Electrical Engineering (Sci) ’20
Chloe Draeger
Chloe DraegerManaging Director of the Student Life Centre
Political Studies (BAH) ’18


Lexi Honsberger
Lexi HonsbergerOrientation Roundtable Coordinator
Nursing (BScN) ’19
Bronté McMaster
Bronté McMasterReUnion Street Festival Coordinator
History & English, Concurrent Education (BAH/BEd) ’19
James Morden
James MordenBrand Manager
Life Sciences Specialization (BScH) ’19
Becca Dann
Becca DannTalent Acquisition Manager
Political Studies ’19
Mitch Kingston
Mitch KingstonOperations Analyst
Economics (BAH) ’19
Mia Berloni
Mia BerloniPeer Support Centre Head Manager
Environmental Science (BScH) ’19
Brandon Tyrrell
Brandon TyrrellJudicial Affairs Manager
Philosophy and Political Studies (BAH) ’18
Taylor Clarke
Taylor ClarkeQueen's Student Constables Head Manager
Psychology and Sociology (BAH) ’18
Rana Soyak
Rana SoyakSLC HR and Marketing
Psychology and Sociology (BAH) ’18
Andry Asoh
Andry AsohSLC Operations and Sustainability
Computer Science (BComp) ’19
...more to come!