Election Results of AMS Board of Directors

March 12, 2019 KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) would like to congratulate the following people on their election to the AMS Board of Directors: One-year term Student Directors: Liam Tharp Nic Oullette Two-year term Student Directors: Zoey Aliasgari Alexia Tecsa “The Board of Directors of the Alma Mater Society Inc. is pleased to announce the election of four new Student Directors. We are incredibly excited for their terms to begin and confident that these new additions to [...]

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2019-2020 Head Managers Hired for AMS Services

Tuesday, March 6th  The Alma Mater Society has concluded head manager hiring for AMS services. The AMS is pleased to announce the following decisions: AMS Pub Services - Evan Gage Tricolour Outlet - Nicole Langfield The Printing & Copy Centre - Jordan Greene Queen's Student Constables - Parker Quast Peer Support Centre - Andie Rexdiemer Common Ground - Gretha Conrads Walkhome - Bilal Shaikh Studio Q - Keshan Surendran Student Life Centre - Andry Asoh   "Team AJW is thrilled [...]

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Joint Statement by the AMS and SGPS Regarding Approval of the JDUC Redevelopment Project

On March 1st, 2019, the Board of Trustees put forward a motion to approve the Redevelopment Project of the John Deutsch University Centre. Approval for the project is conditional upon the university securing the following: A minimum of $10 million in donor funding. Capital Redevelopment Framework Agreement between the AMS, SGPS and Queen’s. Confirmation that the student levy funding the project remains mandatory under the Province’s new tuition rules. The motion successfully passed. The next step includes the architects of [...]

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Statement on The Aesculapian Society’s Secession from the AMS

February 28th, 2019 On February 21st and 22nd, medical students in the Aesculapian Society voted to depart from the Alma Mater Society and become a member society of the Student Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS). These changes will be effective September 1st, 2019. Below is a quote by Aesculapian Society President, Rae Woodhouse and Senior University Affairs Officer Courtney Leach. "The Aesculapian Society is very grateful for the many positive years that we have spent as a member body of [...]

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AMS Senior Management Hired!

February 26th, 2019 KINGSTON, ON – Auston Pierce, Jessica Dahanayake, and William Greene have completed their hiring for 2019-2020 AMS senior management. Over the weekend, Team AJW reviewed many applications with multiple rounds of interviews. The Executive-Elect is excited to announce the following decisions: Secretary of Internal Affairs: Lucas Borchenko Commissioner of Campus Activities: Alexia Henriques Commissioner of External Affairs: David Bath Commissioner of Social Issues: Bunisha Samuels Director of Clubs: Scott Schrempf Director of Sponsorship and Alumni: Chauntae De Gannes Director of Communications: Brendan Robson Director of Human Resources: Bronwyn Greenhalgh [...]

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Statement Regarding Re-Structuring of the AMS

Following the Government of Ontario’s recent announcement regarding the new Student Choice Initiative, the AMS Board of Directors has had to make difficult decisions regarding the services and opportunities that we offer to students. This new change will likely introduce approximately a 40% budget cut for the fall of 2019. As such, in consultation with Assembly and students at large, the Board of Directors has re-structured the AMS government branch to ensure that we continue to provide services for students [...]

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