Your Executive

Jessica Dahanayake
Jessica DahanayakeVice-President (Operations)
Auston Pierce
Auston PiercePresident
William Greene
William GreeneVice President (University Affairs)

Senior Management Team

Alexia Henriques
Alexia HenriquesCommissioner of Campus Activities
David Bath
David Bath Commissioner of External Advocacy
Bunisha Samuels
Bunisha Samuels Commissioner of Social Issues
Brownyn Greenhalgh
Brownyn GreenhalghDirector of Human Resources
Chauntae De Gannes
Chauntae De Gannes Director of Alumni and Sponsorship
Brendan Robson
Brendan Robson Director of Communications
Scott Schrempf
Scott Schrempf Director of Clubs
Zachary Slater
Zachary Slater Director of Information Technology
Lucas Borchenko
Lucas BorchenkoSecretary of Internal Affairs

Government Managers

Sarah Obonsawin
Sarah Obonsawin Brand Manager
Ewan Harris
Ewan HarrisMarketing Research Manager
Olivia Stanton
Olivia StantonTalent Acquisition Manager
Grace Baxter
Grace BaxterChief Electoral Officer
Emma Ilyaz
Emma IlyazJudicial Affairs Manager
Anja Kohlman-Sawa
Anja Kohlman-SawaAcademic Grievance Centre Manager
Amanda Kivlichan
Amanda KivlichanHousing Resource Centre Manager
Max Maloney
Max MaloneyFoodbank Manager

Services & Resources Senior Managers

Andry Asoh
Andry AsohSLC Head Manager
Parker Quast
Parker Quast Queen's Student Constables Head Manager
Andie Rexdiemer
Andie RexdiemerPeer Support Centre Head Manager
Gretha Conrads
Gretha ConradsCommonGround Head Manager
Evan Gage
Evan GageTAPS Head Manager
Jordan Greene
Jordan GreenePrinting and Copy Centre Head Manager
Bilal Shaikh
Bilal ShaikhWalkhome Head Manager
Nicole Langfield
Nicole LangfieldTricolour Outlet Head Manager
Keshan Surendran
Keshan Surendran Studio Q Head Manager
Meredith Wilson-Smith
Meredith Wilson-SmithQueen's Journal Editor-in-Chief
Iain Sherriff-Scott
Iain Sherriff-ScottQueen's Journal Managing Editor

Services & Resources Managers

Niyousha Saeidi
Niyousha SaeidiSLC Human Resources and Marketing
Liam Gellatly
Liam GellatlySLC Operations and Reservations Manager
Danielle Sawula
Danielle SawulaQueen's Student Constables Human Resources Manager
Lashaanii Sutharsan
Lashaanii SutharsanQueen's Student Constables Logistics Manager
Alexandria Nagy
Alexandria Nagy Peer Support Centre Human Resources Manager
Rahul Patel
Rahul PatelPeer Support Centre Marketing Manager
Laine Ingratta
Laine IngrattaPeer Support Centre Outreach Manager
Jamie Fournier
Jamie FournierCommonGround Marketing Manager
Ellie Maclennan
Ellie MaclennanCommon Ground Purchasing Manager
José Andres Bordas
José Andres BordasPrinting and Copy Centre Production Manager
Shania Jagnandan
Shania JagnandanPrinting and Copy Centre Marketing and Sustainability Manager
Matthew Panetta
Matthew PanettaPrinting and Copy Centre Purchasing and Facilities Manager
Navita Sehgal
Navita SehgalTAPS Marketing and Events Manager
Henry Ludlow
Henry LudlowTAPS Purchasing Manager
Paige Smith
Paige Smith Tricolour Outlet Marketing Manager
Michaela Valente
Michaela Valente Tricolour Outlet Travel, Books, and Custom Ordering Manager
Laura Mazzonna
Laura Mazzonna Tricolour Outlet Purchasing and Online Manager
Aidan Chalmers
Aidan ChalmersQueen's Journal Business Manager
Jessica Brender
Jessica BrenderStudio Q Productions Manager
Matthew O'Brien
Matthew O'BrienStudio Q Video Manager
Kassandra Greenhalgh
Kassandra GreenhalghStudio Q Graphics Manager
Raj Brar
Raj BrarStudio Q Photography Manager
Irena Dunjic
Irena DunjicStudio Q Broadcast Manager