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Queen's University Muslim Students Association (QUMSA)

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What makes your club unique?:

The objectives of QUMSA are:

  • To provide worship services to Muslim Students.
  • To help the Muslim students at Queen’s to live according to the Quran, to train them to practice Islam and preserve their identity as Muslims.
  • To strengthen the bonds among Muslim students.
  • To increase Islamic awareness and discredit misconceptions of Islam.
  • To provide Muslim and Non-Muslim students with qualified speakers on Islam.
  • To make Islam better understood by Muslim and non-Muslim students.
  • To promote friendly relations between Muslim and Non-Muslim students at the university.
  • To act as an educational and spiritual resource (from surviving that first exam to dealing with the social stresses of a new environment!).
  • To provide opportunities for collectively meeting, discussing, and celebrating Islamic activities.
  • To provide Muslim students with Islamic Literature.
  • To provide educational help in terms of books, lectures, etc., to members.
  • To provide a platform for the discussion of issues that are relevant to Muslims in the West.
  • To provide guidance to new Muslim students in matters of orientation and other pertinent problems.

What does your club do?:

QUMSA stands for the Queen’s University Muslim Students’ Association. We act as a focal point for Muslim students to meet for various acts of worship. We also seek to interact with other clubs and members of the Queen’s and Kingston community at large. QUMSA strives to create an inclusive and welcoming platform by organizing numerous social and educational events throughout the year, for instance, leading congregational Juma’ah prayers, providing Ramadan related services and meals on campus,  hosting the annual Fast-a-Thon and Islam Awareness Week, multiple lectures and pot-luck dinners at the Islamic Centre of Kingston, providing weekly Halaqa’s and Arabic lessons, and planning various brothers’ socials and sisters’ socials such as bowling, soccer games, paintballing, social dinners, and Henna Night! For more information about us please feel free to contact us at and find out more about us at

Club contact email:



Twitter: @qumsa

Instagram: @qumsa


Location of Office: Room 232, JDUC. Our office and musalah are located here.

Club President: Reyhan Viceer 

Categories: Common Interest & Social; Social Issues & Equity; Religious & Cultural Identity; Advocacy