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Queen's InvisAbilities

What makes you unique?: 

InvisAbilities is an organization that promotes awareness, education and support of young adults living with hidden, chronic illness. The organization’s mission is to break down societal misconceptions associated with invisible illness (e.g. Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, endometriosis, colitis, lupus etc.) that individuals face on a daily basis. Some of our programs and services include: Awareness Events, Buddy Program, InvisAble Yoga, Discussion Forums, Dog Therapy, Lending Library.

What does your club do?:


InvisAbilities provides a variety of events, programs and services for young adults and students at post-secondary institutions and within the community. We are here for the well-being of the student population, and are by no means exclusory. The Queen’s University Chapter was the inaugural chapter of this now multi-campus association. Anyone can have an invisAbility the person you sit beside in lecture, your lab partner or that cute guy/girl you always see at Cogro.

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Club President/Director: Carly Lindsay

Categories: Health & Wellness