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Queen's International Justice Mission

What makes your club unique?:

By supporting and raising awareness for International Justice Mission , we will fight against sex trafficking, oppressed women and sexual violence in Canada. They have lawyers, public relations officers, criminal investigators, social workers and counsellors as full time staff that fight multiple issues. The issues are Sex Trafficking, Illegal Land Seizure, Sexual Violence and Rape, Illegal Detention and Citizenship Documentaiton. Another piece that makes this club unique is our faith-based foundation as a Christian organization, which follow IJM tenet of supporting victims regardless of religion.

What does your club do?: 

QIJM will raise awareness, fundraise, meet weekly, conduct weekly prayer and host special events. We will fundraise money for the IJM organization that will go directly into their missions and their pursuit for fighting the injustice of human rights violations. Our weekly meetings will consist of brainstorming ideas to raise awareness and fundraise, as well as to build a deeper connection and community in our work together as a team. We will gather every Saturday morning to pray for sex trafficking, sexual violence and other injustice that goes on. For special events we will host guest speakers, films and debate panels to inform Queen's campus about the detailed international and national injustice and what we as Queen's students can do to make a difference

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Club President: Breanna Ste. Marie 

Club Categories: Advocacy; Social Issues & Equity