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Queen's Board Game Club (QBGC)

What makes you unique?:

The mandate of the club is to maintain and provide a wide selection of boardgames to its club members weekly and for special tournaments. The club produces a social friendly environment where club members whether old or new can come together and relax through participating in boardgames. We want to use the club to help provide a source of outlet from the stress that the club members may face every day. Furthermore the boardgames allow a fun way to build communicational skills, teamwork and problem solving which can all help the club members. These soft skills can help club members in their everyday life problems.

What does your club do?: 

The club organizes weekly meeting where a variety of boardgames will be provided and people can play them as they wish. Also we try to run tournaments each semester for the competitive club members who would like to prove their skills.

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Club President: Nicholas Gold 

Categories: Common Interest & Social