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Queen's Anime Club (QAC)

What makes you unique?:

The Queen’s Anime Club's mandate is to provide and promote "anime," formally known as Japanese animation, to the Queen's community and public, as well as appreciation for Japanese art culture by various screenings and activities.

What does your club do?:

The Queen's Anime club runs a number of events revolving around (but not limited) to the viewing and discussion of anime. We also tend to like manga, video games, board games, and card games. We're a very social laid back club and you don't need to be a hardcore otaku to enjoy yourself. Our Club also helps expose people to Japanese culture, thus furthering understanding of other cultures. Our Main events are themed anime screenings held every second Friday, which can provide a more low-key alternative to the archetypal party/drinking Friday night and help make anime watching a more social hobby. Throughout the year we also run board game socials, a Halloween cosplay contest, Win Lose or Draw! (Anime themed Pictionary), and the ever-popular Cardboard Mecha Showdown (build a mecha costume around someone using cardboard boxes and lots of tape. Also, if you're interested in attending Anime North, we organize a trip every year to take advantage of the discounted group prices.

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Club President: Kenneth Lockwood

Club Categories: Common Interest & Social