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KinetiQ Hip Hop Appreciation Club (KHAC)

What makes your club unique?: 

The members of KHAC are passionate in improving and promoting Hip hop community at Queen’s University and in Kingston.

What does your club do?: 

KinetiQ Hip Hop Appreciation club focuses on promoting knowledge about Hip Hop culture. The members of KHAC will have the opportunity to explore four main elements of Hip Hop: Breaking, Graffiti, DJing and Emceeing. This includes participating in various events hosted by KHAC such as showings of various Hip hop documentaries and live stream of Red Bull BC One which is an International Bboy Competition. We also host our own Bboying competition called Forgotten Styles where Bboys from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and even New York come to Queen’s University to show off their skills.

Club Contact Email:



Twitter: @KIN3TIQ

Club Presidents: Peter Ballyk 

Categories: Arts, Music & Theatre