Clubs Bursaries

The Clubs Office seeks to support and enhance financial accessibility to all AMS and SGPS students who are looking to attend sanctioned Queen’s clubs events and/or initiatives.  The bursary is designed to subsidize the partial cost of the event and/or initiative.

Application Dates for 2017-2018:

Applications for the Clubs Bursary Program will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the entire year. Applications must be submitted withing ONE WEEK of the event that you are applying for.

Application Criteria:

 Applicants must meet the criteria listed below in order to be eligible to receive a bursary:

  • The applicant must fill out and submit a completed application within a week of the event and/or initiative.
  • The applicant must be a Queen’s student and have paid the full slate of AMS or SGPS student fees.
  • The applicant must submit a report form for the funds used within thirty (30) days of using the funds.

Funding Criteria:

Funding is to be determined using the following criteria below:

  • Funding will be allocated to applicants who demonstrate a need for financial aid.
  • Funding will be allocated to sanctioned Queen’s clubs events and/or initiatives.
  • Funding will be determined based on the quality of the application, relevance of event to club, demonstration of financial need, and benefit to applicant’s student experience.

Submitting your Application:

Please send your completed application to the Clubs Manager at You will be notified through email with the result of your bursary application. Applications must be sent at least seven (7) days before or after the event/initiative is taking place.

Please email Marnie Myszko, Director of Clubs at if you have any questions.

Report Form