Learn more about the Marketing and Communications Office

Hi everyone, my name is Craig Draeger and I am the AMS Director of Communications for the 2017-2018 term! The purpose of my Office is to manage the two-way flow of information between the AMS and students, while also helping to build and foster our relationships with outside stakeholders. The core mandate of my role [...]

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Learn more about the Academic Affairs Commission

Hi everyone, my name is Victoria Lewarne and I am the Commissioner of Academic Affairs for the 2017-18 term! The purpose of the Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) is to ensure the maintenance of the quality, and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education. Thus, it is my responsibility to advocate on behalf of students to the [...]

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Learn about the Municipal Affairs Commission

Hi everyone! My name is Stefano Hollands, and I am the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs here at the AMS. It is my job to advocate for students’ interests to all external stakeholders in the City of Kingston, and to ensure that there are plentiful volunteer and work opportunities for students within the Commission. I can [...]

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Learn more about the Campus Activities Commission

In the Campus Activities Commission, everyone works to organize a variety of student run events each year including conferences, live music, entertainment and recreation events, and assisting with Orientation Week. As the Commissioner, I am also here to act as an event planning resource if you or someone you know is planning an event for [...]

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Learn about the Social Issues Commission

Hi everyone! My name is Ramna and I’m the Commissioner of Social Issues for the 2017-2018 year. It may already be two months into my term, but I’m still unbelievably excited for the year ahead. The Social Issues Commission (SIC) exists to actively challenge and eliminate all levels of oppression on campus, while also promoting [...]

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AMS Emergency Assembly Cancelled

By a consensus decision of new President’s Caucus, tonight’s planned emergency session of AMS Assembly has been cancelled. We would like to explain the reasons behind this decision, and the thorough discussion among student leaders that brought it about. First, we all recognize the offensive and hurtful comments that Alexander Prescott made in 2013, and [...]

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Working Inside the Academic Affairs Commission

Ever wondered what it’s like to work within the AMS? Well I’m here to give you the inside scoop of both the Academic Affairs Commission and the Marketing and Communications office. Both are absolutely essential parts of the AMS as the AAC produces much of our academic policy and the Marketing and Communications office runs [...]

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Inside the Campus Activities Commission

The AMS prides itself in its volunteer activity that works to help make the Queen’s community feel like a home away from home. The Campus Activities Commission is a commission that is heavily volunteer-based. Without its volunteer reserve, the commission wouldn’t be as successful as it is in providing Queen’s students with so many amazing [...]

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What the F*%k is the AMS

By now you may have seen Facebook pages, booths, videos and pamphlets flying around campus with the start of 2017-2018 hiring season happening now. Yet the only question people seem to have is “what the F*%K is the AMS”? This post will hopefully inform and update you (the students) on who/what the F*%k everyone in [...]

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Clubs Office: What have we been up to this year?

If you are interested in any of these projects, we are now hiring for the 2017-2018 school year! All job descriptions are available at www.myams.org/apply . The clubs community at Queen’s has always played an integral role in enhancing student involvement while offering unique opportunities outside of the classroom. Students are able to develop professional skills, make [...]

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