GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation

KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) is partnering with ArtStreet at the University of Dayton to bring an art installation entitled "GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation" to the Queen's campus. The installation is a retail art experience that seeks to take the commercialized aspects surrounding the use of the term ‘ghetto’ and turn them into [...]

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AMS Executive’s Statement on Judicial Committee Procedural Policy

February 4, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Today, Kanivanan Chinniah, President, Kyle Beaudry, Vice President (Operations), and Sarah Letersky, Vice President (University Affairs) released the following statement: “It is with regret that we found that the AMS Judicial Committee, which operates at arm’s length from the Executive, failed to notify the Queen’s Journal about a public [...]

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Statement from the AMS Judicial Committee on Executive Elections Appeal

February 4, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Today, George Collister, the Chair of the AMS Judicial Committee, released the following statement: “On Saturday, January 30th at 8:00 PM, I received a complaint from Colin Zarzour of Team CSG to appeal several decisions of the Elections Team that were made during the 2016 AMS Executive Elections. “The [...]

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2016 AMS Executive and Rector Election Results

January 31, 2013 KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) congratulates Tyler Lively, Dave Walker, and Carolyn Thompson (Team LWT) on their election as the 2016-2017 AMS Executive and Cam Yung on his election as University Rector. In the first round of the AMS Executive elections, Team LWT received 45.6% (2996) of the vote, [...]

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2016 Winter Referendum Results

January 27, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Below are the results of the 2016 Winter Referendum. Voter turnout was 44.3%. Do you agree to the establishment of a $0.30 fee (subject to individual opt-out) to support Queen’s chapter? Choice                          Votes                     Percentage Yes -                             4988                       75.0 No -                               1665                       25.0 [...]

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Student Wellness Services Opens Thursday Evening Clinic in Response to AMS Lobbying

KINGSTON, ON - On Wednesday, January 6, Student Wellness Services (SWS) announced the extension of the hours of urgent care walk-in clinic service on Thursdays to 7:30pm. This extension, made on a trial basis, is a result of AMS representatives lobbying the University for better hours of clinic service for students. In October, the AMS [...]

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AMS Eliminates Proposals as Part of Application and Hiring Process

December 8, 2015 KINGSTON, ON—On Thursday, December 3, the Alma Mater Society (AMS) eliminated proposals as a mandatory component of the hiring process for salaried staff and select senior volunteers to be replaced by three open-ended questions designed to better test the applicant’s thought process based on potential instead of experience. After finding that proposals [...]

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Orientation Roundtable, NEWTS Exec, FYNIRS Chair Hired

November 30, 2015 KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) is proud to announce the following hiring decisions for Orientation Week 2016. Orientation Roundtable Coordinator – Meghan Peirce Logistics Director – Dayna Hellmann Leadership Development Director – Shannon Crooks Systems & Support Director – Callen Hageman Concert Director – Devon Laflamme NEWTS Week Head [...]

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Statement From the AMS Executive

November 19, 2015 KINGSTON, ON - Today, Kanivanan Chinniah, AMS President, made the following remarks at the Assembly meeting of November 19, 2015: “On Monday, November 9, 2015, the Executive was notified by a participant in the Fall Referendum of concerns with regards to the status of the Chief Electoral Officer. Upon consultation with the [...]

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Commissioner of Internal Affairs Hired

November 11, 2015 KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the AMS Commissioner of Internal Affairs has concluded. After reviewing 4 applications, the AMS Executive (Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry, and Sarah Letersky) are happy to announce that Jon Wiseman, ArtSci ’16, will be taking on the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs for the remainder of the [...]

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