Statement from the AMS Executive on the Future of a Fall Break

April 19, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Today, Kanivanan Chinniah, President, and Sarah Letersky, Vice President (University Affairs) released the following statement in response to the motion voted upon at Senate regarding a fall break: “Over the past few weeks the University has been increasingly engaged in conversations surrounding a fall reading week. There has been [...]

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AMS Engages Federal Government on Student Issues

March 21, 2016 OTTAWA, ON—Today, Kanivanan Chinniah, AMS President, and Sarah Letersky, AMS Vice President (University Affairs) issued the following statement: “This week, with the support of AMS Assembly, we will be in Ottawa to meet with elected officials and policymakers to ask for improvements to the Canada Student Loans Program, international student employment and [...]

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2016-2017 Board of Directors Election

March 10, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Today, the Alma Mater Society (AMS) would like to congratulate the following people on their election to the AMS Board of Directors: Connor Bevans (1-year term) Ben Rudson (1-year term) Joe Fonseca (2-year term) Evan Trus (2-year term) “All candidates demonstrated considerable competency and understanding of the AMS during [...]

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2016-2017 Government and Assistant Managers

March 6, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the 2016-2017 Government and Assistant Managers for the Alma Mater Society (AMS) has concluded. After receiving 81 applications, the Executive-elect, Tyler Lively, Dave Walker, and Carolyn Thompson are pleased to announce the following hiring decisions: Secretariat: Miguel Martinez, ArtSci ‘19 Judicial Affairs Director: Ryan Pistorius, ArtSci ‘16 [...]

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2016-2017 Head Manager Hiring

February 28, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the 2016-2017 Head Managers of all AMS services has concluded. After receiving 21 Head Manager applications, the Alma Mater Society (AMS) is pleased to announce the following hiring decisions: Common Ground Coffeehouse: Kodie Rollan, ArtSci ‘16 Publishing & Copy Centre: Kevin Lynch, ArtSci ‘16 Queen’s Student Constables: [...]

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AMS Welcomes Changes to Student Financial Aid in Ontario

February 25, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Today, Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry, and Sarah Letersky, the AMS Executive, alongside Tyler Lively, David Walker, and Carolyn Thompson, the AMS Executive-elect, issued the following joint statement: “The AMS welcomes the changes to Ontario’s student financial aid regime announced by the Government of Ontario in today’s Budget. “We are [...]

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Movies for Mental Health

KINGSTON, ON – The Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC) of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) is hosting an event in conjunction with Queen’s For the Boys and the organization Art with Impact to promote mental wellness by creating a space for students to learn and connect through art and media. Art with Impact is an [...]

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Accessibility Queen’s: Sexuality X Disability Summit

February 23, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Accessibility Queen’s of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) is hosting their first Sexuality x Disability Summit. This event is centered on providing a platform to explore discussions relating to the intersection of sexuality and disability. Topics will range from creating and fostering accessible sex-positive spaces to sex toys and [...]

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2016-2017 AMS Executive Team Hiring

February 9, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the AMS Executive’s team of 2016-2017 has concluded. After reviewing 64 applications and two rounds of interviews, the AMS Executive-Elect (Tyler Lively, David Walker and Carolyn Thompson) are excited to announce the following hiring decisions: Commissioner of Academic Affairs: Leah Brockie, Con Ed ‘17 Commissioner of Campus [...]

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GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation

KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) is partnering with ArtStreet at the University of Dayton to bring an art installation entitled "GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation" to the Queen's campus. The installation is a retail art experience that seeks to take the commercialized aspects surrounding the use of the term ‘ghetto’ and turn them into [...]

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