Elections Team Statement

January 28, 2018 KINGSTON, ON – Today, AMS Chief Returning Officer Sarah Obonsawin made the following statement on behalf of the AMS Elections Team: “The Elections Team has been notified that Natasha Kornak has withdrawn her candidacy for Vice-President (University Affairs). Per the AMS Constitution Section 2.2.2, the candidates for President and Vice-Presidents shall run as a team and with this withdrawal there is no longer a team on the ballot. We are awaiting Judicial Committee interpretation to determine next [...]

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Elections Team Statement

January 16, 2018   KINGSTON, ON – Today, AMS Chief Electoral Officer Matthew Ierino made the following statement on behalf of the AMS Elections Team: “The AMS Executive Nomination Period closed yesterday, January 15th, 2018.  After the All Candidates Meeting, two teams picked up a nomination package.  Only Team ECN, consisting of Presidential Candidate Emily VanderHeyden, Vice President (Operations) Candidate Craig Draeger, and Vice President (University Affairs) Candidate Natasha Kornak successfully obtained the requisite number of signatures and submitted the [...]

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Executive Statement on Corporate Service Directors

December 8, 2017    KINGSTON, ON – Today, the AMS Executive issued the following statement:  “This afternoon, the AMS parted ways with Monica Przyborowski, our former Director of Retail Services. We wish Monica the best in her future endeavours at Queen’s and beyond, and we ask that everyone respect her privacy.  "We recognize that it's difficult to balance the pressures of school and personal matters with full time employment, so we must always be prepared for the possibility of staff turnover throughout the year. However, we recognize that we must address the two vacancies among our three corporate service directors.  "The structure of corporate management [...]

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2017 Fall Referendum Results

November 1, 2017 Kingston ON – Below are the results of the 2017 AMS Fall Referendum. Voter turnout was 26.5%. Establishing Fees: Do you agree to the establishment of a $0.35 fee, subject to individual opt out, to support the Queen’s Space Conference? Yes - 69.0% (2876) No - 31.0% (1291) Triennial Review (Opt-out): Do you agree to the continuation of the Centre for Teaching and Learning fee of $2.00 (subject to individual opt-out) for the next three years? This fee [...]

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Appointment of Vice-President (Operations)

August 28, 2017   KINGSTON, ON – Today, Chelsea Hollidge (Film and Political Studies '17) was appointed AMS Vice-President (Operations) by AMS President Jennifer Li and AMS Vice-President (University Affairs) Palmer Lockridge. This appointment was made in accordance with AMS Constitution Part 2, Section 2, Subsection 4 and will be brought to AMS Assembly for ratification on September 21, 2017.  The Executive has consulted Assembly, the Executive Team, and the managers of AMS services during the period of vacancy and has found strong support for Chelsea's appointment.   "We felt it was very important for [...]

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Executive Statement on Bikes and Boards

August 25, 2017  KINGSTON, ON – Today, AMS President Jennifer Li made the following statement on behalf of the AMS Executive:  "Over the last few days, we have heard and considered the concerns expressed to us by students and alumni over the transition of Bikes and Boards from an AMS corporate service to a student-led club. We wish to take a moment and respond to some of the comments and better explain the decision.   "Firstly, it is important to reaffirm that while the AMS Board of Directors made this decision on the recommendation of its Finance and Risk Committee, it falls to us to implement their instructions. The [...]

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