Statement from the AMS Executive on University District Costume Party

November 22, 2016 KINGSTON ON - This morning we were made aware of a party that happened Saturday night in the University District where students dressed in inappropriate costumes. We believe this was wrong, and actions like these make students feel uncomfortable and unwelcome on our campus. We see this as an educational opportunity for us to engage all students in a discussion about race and racism at Queen’s. Over the coming days, we will be engaging with the University, [...]

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683 AMS Staff Completed Bystander Intervention Training

November 4, 2016 KINGSTON ON – AMS President Tyler Lively, Vice President (University Affairs) Carolyn Thompson and Vice President (Operations) Dave Walker, required that all AMS staff complete bystander intervention training this Fall. To date, 683 AMS staff have undergone this training. These students know how to identify unsafe situations, and know when and how to safely intervene in order to protect their follow students. “Sexual assault is a major problem on university campuses and we as student leaders need [...]

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2016 Fall Referendum

November 3, 2016 Kingston ON – Below are the results of the 2016 Fall Referendum. Voter turnout was 22%. Do you agree to the continuation of the CFRC mandatory fee of $7.79 for the next three years? This fee was originally established in 1976 and last went to referendum in the spring of 2014. Choice      Percentage Yes –           51.5% No –           48.5% Do you agree to an increase [...]

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TAPS Special Committee Begins Work

October 21, 2016 Kingston, ON - The TAPS Special Committee has finalized their terms of reference and will begin its investigation into the workplace culture of the AMS service. The Committee will begin by conducting a series of confidential interviews with TAPS staff. Struck in response to a training week incident in late August, the committee will produce an interim report by the end of November to the AMS Board of Directors. A final report and recommendations will be presented [...]

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Statement from the AMS Executive on Homecoming Video

October 19, 2016 KINGSTON, ON - We recognize that many of you were likely affected by the video released on social media following Homecoming, titled “Drunk Times with College Students.” This weekend traditionally celebrates what and who makes Queen's so special - this video did not reflect that spirit. We were extremely disheartened by its hurtful, offensive and disrespectful nature. For those of you looking for support at this time, we'd like to remind you that the volunteers at our [...]

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AMS Takes Strong Action in Response to TAPS Hazing Incident

September 15, 2016 KINGSTON, ON – Yesterday, the AMS Board of Directors held a special meeting to approve steps to address the workplace culture of the AMS Pub Services. The Board struck a special committee to investigate the issue which will be chaired by Mike Blair, a former Board chair, and will include a University representative. The Board also took immediate action and resolved the following: - There will be no TAPS socials for the remainder of the year; - [...]

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