A Gaels Guide to Healthy Living During Exams

It seems as though the University lifestyle and healthy living can’t go hand in hand, but we’re here to tell you that in fact, it can! It can be hard at times, but having a balanced diet and lifestyle while being a full time student can be done. It can be tempting to eat your feelings or sit around all [...]

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Where Should You Be Studying This Exam SZN?

With a few months of classes under our belt, it is time for the one, the only... December Exams! It’s time to hit the (e)books and begin the study grind. There are many places to study on and off campus, but which one is the best? We have created a quiz for you to find out! Click HERE and find [...]

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5 Reasons YOU Should Vote in the AMS Fall Referendum

Be part of the tradition The Alma Mater Society is Canada’s oldest student association. Like doing the oil thigh during homecoming or wearing a tam, participating in the AMS elections is part of the Queen’s experience. It’s an opportunity for students to influence the University’s future through decisions on how your money will be spent. 2.  It’s your money The [...]

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My thoughts on another costume party

Last night, I was made aware that an event called “Beerfest” is being planned. This is an attempt to repeat the event that occurred in November 2016 in which students wore costumes that mocked and degraded cultures. I am extremely disappointed that the organizers—my peers—have not learned that it is hurtful to host an event that trivializes the cultures and [...]

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What you should be for Halloween this year based on your Faculty

by Danielle Barish, Deputy Brand Manager Every year, the National Retail Federation releases a list of the year’s most popular costumes, and it’s expected that Halloween spending will reach a record $9.1 Billion according to their annual survey! At Queen’s, Halloweekend is a fun chance to be someone else besides yourself for a change! So we’ve narrowed down costume ideas for each [...]

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Five things not to miss this year at Homecoming this year

by Danielle Barish, Deputy Brand Manager The leaves are beginning to change colour, the temperature is slowly dropping, midterms are just around the corner, and the smell of pumpkin spice everything is in the air. What could all of these signs point to? Homecoming 2017 of course! That’s right, it’s Hoco SZN and we couldn’t be more excited. Homecoming at Queen’s brings [...]

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