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SIC - Social Issues Commission

SICThe AMS Social Issues Commission, a part of the Education Commission until 1996, was created in 1969. Its initial purpose was to encourage and develop intellectual and cultural life on campus through educational programs and events. As the commission has evolved, it has become increasingly more focused on rousing discussion and generating policy on social issues. Presently, the SIC aims to speak to issues of equity while engaging with oppression at Queen’s. We seek to provide students with resources and education as well as offer an open, safe space for those who face oppression and their allies.

The commission is composed of a commissioner, three deputies, two service directors, the committee chairs, and many other volunteers. The Social Issues Commissioner’s position involves supporting committees, briefing and advising AMS Council on equity issues, holding workshops for the student body and AMS services, sitting on various University committees, advocating and lobbying for anti-oppression action with Queen’s Administration. They also maintain the SIC office and answer students’ questions. The three deputies, Deputy of Human Rights, Deputy of Education, and Deputy of Publications work with the committees within their portfolio, act as a liaison and advisor with the commissioner, and take on individual projects to advance the fight against oppression.

What can the SIC do for you?

The SIC focuses on strengthening students’ institutional lobbying power on issues of equity, as well as continuing to be a platform from which they can voice their opinions. The commission work towards equitable change both through the administration and within the AMS. We have a seat on many of the administration’s committees, which brings a student voice to encourage important changes within the university. The SIC also sits on AMS assembly to ensure the representation of traditionally marginalized groups within the student body, and holds the rest of the AMS accountable on matters of equity.

By fostering these close ties with interest groups and administration as well as facilitating student learning about oppression, we aim to eliminate marginalization on campus.

We also operate a variety of committees, publications and services through which students can get involved in educational activism on campus. The SIC is always available to provide resources on issues of oppression and traditionally marginalized histories, and help you get involved on campus. The office not only provides a place for our committees to work out of, but also is a safe space for all students to express their concerns, and discuss the change they would like to see on campus.


Social Issues Commissioner

Alex Chung
(613) 533-6000 ext. 74816
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