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CAC - Campus Activities Commission


The Campus Activities Commission (CAC) is a vibrant, energetic and engaging commission that strives for the betterment of student life through social, inclusive and entertaining extracurricular activities. The CAC runs numerous conferences and events every year that enrich the Queen’s experience, making it unique and memorable for undergraduate students.

The CAC prioritizes and emphasizes accessibility and safety in the planning and execution of events, ensuring that all events are inclusive of all ages, faculties and abilities. In addition to planning events, the CAC advocates for student-run activities on campus such as Orientation Week, working to keep these events entirely student run, providing countless volunteer opportunities to undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

The Campus Activities Commission runs a number of events and programs designed to promote school spirit and social awareness. This Commission serves to form links between individuals and their school, between Queen's and the Kingston community and between Queen's and other Universities. It is open to all Queen's students and seeks to achieve diversity in its membership. Beyond facilitating events, the Commission also acts to increase the awareness and accessibility of events on campus and in the greater Kingston community. The Campus Activities Commission also acts as a resource on planning and running events and committees for students and community members.

What the CAC can do for you
The CAC provides innumerable volunteer opportunities in the areas of the Outreach, Conferences, Sports and Orientation. We welcome volunteers from all years and faculties to attend and get involved with the planning of our events! The CAC is a fun, welcoming commission where you will meet amazing, dedicated volunteers and lifelong friends. If you are looking to attend political conferences, showcase your artistic talents or just want to get active, the CAC is the place to be! We are always looking for creative people to help us plan our events, so if you want to pick up some new skills that you won’t learn in class and meet some new people, stop by the commission and find a committee that interests you!

The CAC also acts as a resource and an advocate for all students and community members involved in planning and managing events on and off campus.

Ways to get involved

The CAC hires volunteers at several different times during the year. If you would like to get involved in planning some of our events, applications can be found here or in the AMS offices. Below is a description of the events you can get involved with throughout the year. In addition to event planning, you can also get involved with Orientation Week through the CAC, as Orientation Round Table (ORT), First Year Not In Residence Students (FYNIRS) Orientation and New Exchange Worldly Transfer Students (NEWTS) Orientation are run through this commission. Applications for the many volunteer positions available through these programs will be made available later on during first semester, so remember to keep checking the Jobs & Volunteering page!


Campus Activities Commissioner

Danielle Kimmerly
(613) 533-6000 ext. 74819
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